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It’s a … GIVEAWAY!!!

Let’s get this Season Started w/ a GIVEAWAY!

1- Like our Facebook page
2 – Share the Facebook post
3 – & comment on: What your favorite Thanksgiving tradition is! 

On Friday November 17th, Jewelry in a Jar will randomly choose someone to win this shimmering bird nest pendant with an 11 inch chain!  You could be wearing this one of kind pendant to Thanksgiving dinner!

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Untangle, Shine, and Get Creative!

Today I had someone inquire about creative ways to display their jewelry.  While bringing up my past blog Simple Ways to Display & Organize Your Jewelry, I also took a look at simple ways to untangle necklaces/chains.

I’m sure we all have that small mound of costume jewelry or just older chains that have gone by the wayside – ended up in a mound, in a drawer or tucked away in a jewelry box.

Well, I came across this site: 5 minute fix: Untangle a necklace

  • Place the chain on a hard, flat surface and apply a few drops of baby oil with a cotton swab to make it slippery, then loosen the links with your fingers.
  • If the knot still won’t budge, use straight pins to reach places your fingers can’t.
  • To avoid mishaps, store each piece separately in stackable ice-cube trays or on a jewelry tree.

After you untangle your pieces you may find that they lack a little luster.

For this, you need only one of two things:

Either one of these should help bring back some shine to your pieces – even your costume jewelry.

For even more ways to clean your jewelry at home check this out: Simple Household Tips

Once you have your pieces back … untangled and full of shine don’t forget to store & display your pieces in a creative way.  EXPRESS YOURSELF!



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Define: Beauty

beauty |ˈbyo͞otē|

noun (pl. beauties)

a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight • a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

There are many definitions for the word BEAUTY.

We need to move away from, the stereotypical definition: defining a person (often times a female) as a beautiful object.  

We view people and things as pleasing on the eyes, an aesthetically pleasing shape, or color

What if we focus on the qualities that please our intellect & not just our senses?

“Beauty is intelligence.”

The shape of a persons thoughts, their moral compass … whether they are kind, helpful or considerate … these become what we see as Beauty.

Often times it is the outward appearance that draws us to someone or something, and that is the catalyst from which we determine if that is something we are interested in knowing more of.

However you define BEAUTY, try to see it from “outside of the box”.

“… beauty is a label we attach to different sorts of experiences based on a combination of cultural and personal preferences …”

When I ask myself, “ what makes me feel beautiful?”  My first response is:  the outfit I’m wearing & the accessories.

The clothes, the accessories, the shoes … those are material items that help boost my confidence. 

Confidence – that is what makes me feel beautiful. 

We are surrounded by attractive things & people everyday.  When it comes to defining what makes something beautiful … let’s change our mindset.

  • color
  • feeling appreciated
  • a smile
  • feeling relaxed
  • how we speak / how we’re spoken to
  • good hygiene
  • reduce stress

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

How Do Philosophers Think About Beauty?

How Clothing Choices Affect and Reflect Your Self Image

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Give a little – Get a lot

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Save The Date!

Come out to Big Boss Brewing Co. on Saturday, Sept. 23 for the 1st Annual Mouse Dreams Rock & Brew hosted by Big Boss Brewing Co.  Come on out & help support this worthwhile cause:

Mouse Dreams Foundation:
Mouse Dreams Foundation’s vision is to take children dealing with long-term illnesses, and transport them into a world full of magic and happiness. To leave behind, if only for a short time, the stresses that impact these children and their families. With Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust, we hope Mouse Dreams Foundation can help fulfill dreams and provide lasting memories.

Jewelry in a Jar will have a vendor’s booth at this event – so come by, say hello & help support a great foundation!


See you there!



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It’s Back ….!

It’s happening again!!

The Duke University School of Nursing Arts & Craft Fair!!

This Fall the DUSON is putting on their 3rd Arts & Craft Fair.

I have been asked if I would be interested in attending again …. & of course – YES! 

This event last year was spirited!  Not only was Jewelry in a Jar surrounded by so many talented artists, crafters, and local businesses, but to help support the Duke School of Nursing is a refreshing thing.  There are people all around us that give themselves to professions where they can positively impact & help others.

Coming from a family with many nurses … I appreciate the invitation to come back to the 2017 DUSON Arts & Crafts Fair.

Jewelry in a Jar will be selling enchanting handcrafted bird-nest pendants, and tear drop & earrings!

This jewelry making adventure has been an incredible ride so far.  I’ve learned quite a bit about jewelry making, crafting, and about myself – what I am capable of accomplishing.

Here are some of the most recent pendants that I have crafted.   These will also be up in the shop SOON! – so be sure to stop by & check out the Shop & our Etsy store.  


With the kids’ summer break ending & school beginning – I will be spending more time designing & crafting!

Remember to check out Jewelry in a Jar on Facebook & Instagram — & if you haven’t already – FOLLOW!



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Making a Difference: One Pendant & One Pair of Earrings at a Time

There are those moments when you want to give back, but time is working against you – or money is tight – or there are so many charities/ people/ communities that need support … it can be overwhelming as to where to give your time, energy, or monetary support.

Jewelry in a Jar has a donation ready for the impactful group 100 Women Who Give a Hoot. An eclectic 18″ Bird-Nest Pendant Necklace & matching Tear-Drop Earrings are going to be raffled off with a Rodan+Fields package from my good friend Jackie


I recently joined the group 100 Women Who Give a Hoot  and I am looking forward to attending the first meeting in September!

Jewelry in a Jar isn’t just another jewelry business.

Creating one of a kind jewelry, I give back; Giving back not only to my community through fundraisers & charities, or by using recycled products whenever I can … but by creating jewelry with meaning.

A piece of jewelry … really ANYTHING for the matter – can contain personal meaning for someone.  The jewelry that I am making, I make with a special thought or person in mind.  When the piece is purchased and is worn, it then represents something new!  In that respect, each piece is always evolving & taking on new meaning.

The joy that I feel when creating a piece of jewelry is something that I hope is felt by each of you who wears it.

Now … back to the design & creating table.  I’ve got pendants to make!




For more information on the group:  100 Women Who Give a Hoot visit their website.  There are chapters worldwide! & the thing that interested me the most about this group, is that each chapter gives back to their community.  

Check out Rodan+Fields to find out more about their products & if you place an order use Jackie Avallone  as your R+F consultant – she isn’t just my friend, but also my RF consultant! 😉

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All is not quiet on the jewelry front …

All right!  Let’s get this train on track!  Things may have seemed quiet on the blog front, however Jewelry in a Jar is heating up …

Despite the disappointments of not getting into Cary’s Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival, & a few other places in the Triangle area … Jewelry in a Jar is gearing up for the Duke University School of Nursing Arts & Crafts Show in November! Jewelry in a Jar was invited to attend last year, & has recently been invited back for their show again!

Attending last November, we met some incredible artists & are excited to be a part of this impressive event.

In the mean time I’ve been working on some new designs: repurposing old jewelry & earrings that have lost their mates, bangle bracelets ( w/ stamped charms), tear-drop earrings, also working with a variety of ceramic & glass beads.

The bird-nest pendants, however are still the star of the show.  Each pendant is its own work of art.  The other day I spent time giving some pendants chains.  Not only is the pendant itself unique, but the chain that is created for it is the finishing touch.

Stop by the Shop & our Etsy Shop to see the latest designs.

I’d love to hear from you too – let me know about the pieces you’ve purchased from Jewelry in a Jar – what’s your favorite, or what you’d like to see in the future!  Follow Jewelry in a Jar on Facebook & Twitter.






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Summer Jewelry Trends 2017

Looking for that piece of jewelry w/ that “WOW!” factor?

This summer there seems to be a few jewelry designs that are on-trend.  

The old adage, “less is more” doesn’t always apply.  When it comes to necklaces & bracelets layering is what’s in!

Wearing long necklaces with medium & short length necklaces – gives off a radiance that compliments sun kissed skin. 

When it comes to bracelets, the trends this summer are: stretch bracelets, bangles & wrap bracelets.

Pile on the arm candy, and wear several bracelets at once. — Wrap Bracelets work especially well if you want to layer & only want to wear on or two bracelets at a time.

If you’re looking for that eclectic piece, you know the piece of jewelry that elicits the “WOW!” factor … check out handmade & handcrafted jewelry.  Many artisans sell their works on Etsy & their own websites, like  & with the summer upon us, you can usually find artisans selling their works @ arts & crafts festivals.


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School’s Out For Summer!

Are you walking on sunshine!?  … Because summer is upon us!

Over the past few weeks I have been wearing my volunteer hat and helping out at the kids’ schools – with ‘end of the year’ activities.

Things have been quiet on the jewelry front, however artistry is still happening daily.

Jewelry making is more than a hobby, it is a departure for me;  I am able to put my head phones in, and envelop myself in creativity.  Bird nest pendants are still being created, and I am learning to stamp metals!  What I love about making the bird nest pendants, is that each piece is one of a kind – they are so unique.  Stamping metal charms is similar – in that each charm can be created just for that special person.

Enchanted Silver Stamped Charm Necklace

For mother’s day, I created a few individualized stamped charms for two friends and myself.  The charms were stamped with our kid’s initials or names. Some charms were embellished with a small silver heart.  & The final touch was the silver chain.

With the end of the school year, came the THANK YOU’s to the wonderful teachers.  For our elementary school teachers, the kids & I put together small buckets of just a few of their favorite things.  We also included personalized keychains.  Why JUST create stamped-metal charms for necklaces? – they look just as great on keychains too!

 Wooo!!!  As crazy as the end of the school year was – NOW SUMMER IS UPON US!  … & we are diving feet first, into camp, crafts, and craziness!

Currently, I am looking into different venues to sell my pieces.  I have emails & applications out & I am waiting to hear back.  As soon as I have a venue & date I will let you know!  For now … keep checking out the website, follow our Facebook page, & follow me on Twitter.

& remember:  Summer is a State Of Mind.

“One benefit of summer was that we had more light to read by.” – Jeanette Walls  The Glass Castle

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Simple Ways to Display & Organize Your Jewelry

You have many pieces of jewelry ….

Your everyday jewelry, your fancy-night-out jewelry, your chic/funky casual wear jewelry

Now the question is: how do you display/store your jewelry?

For me, the fine jewelry that I have, I wear on “special occasions”.  So those pieces usually reside in their velvet jewelry boxes tucked away until a “special occasion” arises.  

My funky-chic-everyday/casual jewelry I display on my bathroom counter & on my bathroom wall.

Using the metal jewelry tree that was gifted to me several years ago, I hang my earrings, rings & bracelets.  It has a little tray at the base that is convenient for leather wrap bracelets, stud earrings & backs, as well as those earrings that are missing their match.

For my necklaces, I purchased a three-piece silver towel wall hanger.  This works great for the long necklaces that I have.


I have always loved the idea of using a branch, or an antique looking jar with several branches to hang bracelets & necklaces.  Placing a cute dish underneath the jar wold provide a place for those pieces you don’t want to hang.

DIY Jewelry Tree: 1 of 10 Inspiring DIY Jewelry Displays at Don't you love it when organization can simultaneously inspire?
Thinking Closet                                                                                                                                                                                                

These are a few of my favorite ideas:

Perusing the internet, you can find a plethora of sites for DIY jewelry displays and most of these can be made at home with very few materials.

Check out the sites below for some more creative funky-fresh ideas! 

Sincerely Yours

Thinking Closet

Broke & Healthy


Cheers! & Happy organizing!

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Danke, Gracias, Arigato …

So, Mother’s Day was this past Sunday. Phone calls were made, Happy Mom Day texts sent, and 2 out of 3 kids woke me with breakfast in bed @ 7am (the child that was MIA was still sleeping).

The rest of the day I lounged around the house, read outside on the patio while soaking up some sun.

We then ended the day with an incredible home cooked meal (compliments of my husband) & hung out with friends – a few other mothers, & the fathers, & all of our the kids.

This was my Mother’s Day. 🙂

These days come in all shapes & sizes.

What is done for one mom, is done differently for another.  How one family celebrates, is different from the next.

EVERYDAY we can show the people that are important to us, just how special they are.  

With that said:


Thank you for supporting my Shop: Jewelry in a Jar.  

I have seen a couple of the gifts purchased – being worn!  & many of you have shared how happy you are with your purchase! The joy my pieces have brought you & others you’ve shared them with – multiply that by 100 – because that is my take-away. 🙂

Keep the feedback coming & share pictures on our Facebook page!





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Finding Balance In Our Everyday Lives (… is it possible?)

Balance.  We hear about it & read about it : balancing work, family & our personal lives.  But what does this mean: work/life balance?

The last two weeks for me, have been a whirlwind:

  • The kids were on spring break & we went on a 3 day camping trip with family & friends 
  • We came home to the Easter holiday 
  • Then onto my son’s 5th grade over night field trip (which I chaperoned)
  • The next day I was picking my daughter up from school, I was asked if I could volunteer at the track meet b/c they were short judges & volunteers – so I did (helping with the schools is something I feel strongly about).
  • A day later we’re onto chaperoning the 3rd grade field trip to the Durham Museum of Life & Science …. 
  • FINALLY: The Weekend w/ NO plans! 

Friday night, I sat in front of my computer trying to get a little bit of work in (I felt like I was MIA the week before).

As I perused the web, I found myself looking up, “work/life balance” (Perhaps that was because I was feeling a bit – unbalanced – trying to find time for my business, myself, my husband, the kids & the house … ).

Everyone is balancing life, work, & family.  We may be juggling different things/situations, but we often share the same feelings: overwhelmed, tired, off-balance – as if we’re giving more of ourselves to one thing over another.

I came across this description of what work/life balance is not:

  • equal time work & equal time personal/family

Many times I have tried to make my life look like an equilateral triangle.


Life is fluid.

Balance varies for everyone depending on where you are in life & it varies on a daily basis as well.

“An effective work/life balance includes daily achievements & enjoyment”.

Achievement is self explanatory – enjoyment is not always easy for us to understand.

Finding enjoyment  simply means: identifying something you can take pride in, find happiness, a sense of wellness or love … these = the “joys of living”.

Humans need both  achievement & enjoyment  to get the full value out of life.

This is not easy to do everyday. For myself, I must slow down & purposefully look for these some days; they are there. 

To read more on work/life balance check out these sites:

WorkLife Balance

Work Life Balance Defined

The Seven Components of Work Life Balance

7 Habits of People Who Have Achieved Work Life Balance

Rethinking the Work Life Equation

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Share a smile & a kind word

Hopefully everyone has had at least ONE ‘feel good’ moment …where out-of-the-blue someone says, or does something for you that puts a smile on your face and leaves you with a warm-fuzzy feeling inside (if not warm & fuzzy, at least leaves you standing a little taller and a little bit happier) 

This afternoon I stood a little taller & little happier!

While swinging by the craft store to pick up more beads for the BIRD NEST PENDANTS (they will be up in the shop this week!) … the person checking me out complimented me on the earrings I was wearing!

& guess what?! … I was wearing Jewelry in a Jar’s STUDS & BEADS. 

She also asked me for my card!

(btw: she organizes the business cards she collects in an awesome/organized fashion … I’ll tell you about that in another post, right now I digress …)

… and with a twinkle in my eye, and a new found spring in my step – I handed her my card.

From one crafter to another.

I appreciated this woman’s kindness today.

Thank you.

It’s so easy to make a difference in someone’s day … pass it along 🙂





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Spring Is In The Air …


Tweet tweet!!  The Bird Nests are being “built”… 

So excited to tell you all the awesome things that are happening!

As some of you have seen from Jewelry in a Jar’s Facebook posts, we have new pieces coming out – & I AM SO EXCITED!!

I have been creating Bird Nest Pendants, and Stud Earrings!

There have been several requests for the Bird Nest Pendants for Mother’s Day.  I am delighted to tell you that they will be up in the shop next week!!  The day that they come out we’ll let you know – so make sure you catch Jewelry in a Jar on Facebook, or Instagram for the latest updates!


I count myself among the many that enjoy a smaller earring (- depending on the outfit of the day 😉 …. and we have Stud Earrings up in the shop now.  Wooden beads & silver wire.  The earrings have small plastic backs.  So cute & versatile.

As you may already know, I am active in my kids’ schools …

The middle school (Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for the Digital Sciences) is hosting its Creek Madness next week & I am so happy that Jewelry in a Jar was able to donate a bracelet & earrings set, & a pair of earrings for the raffle that will be held.  I can’t wait to see the pieces on the lucky person that wins them!



I always feel like I am on the run … coming up next: Balance.  What is it, & how to we stay on this balance-beam called life – & not fall off & bust our lip. 😀  … or something like that 😉

In the meantime, stay healthy & happy & enjoy the adventure!





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… but what IS Jewelry in a Jar?

You’ve heard the name.  You’ve been introduced to the site.  Several people have bought pieces from the shop … but what is Jewelry in a Jar?

Artisan Designed Jewelry | Handcrafted in Cary, NC

Jewelry in a Jar is a woman owned, small business providing jewelry which is all handcrafted in my home in Cary NC — using my hands, my imagination, and the support of my husband & my kids I create one of kind earrings/bracelets/necklaces.

When our first child was born, I decided to be stay at home parent.  Seven years later,  the time came for our youngest child to go off to public school, & I decided to go back to work – outside of the home.

Over a four year period, I worked in childcare & in the public school system.  As a family, we came to the realization that we all were happier when The Mom was home – this included being able to volunteer in all three children’s classrooms & in the schools, gave my husband & I more time together …. we’re still working on the mountains of laundry but that will work itself out — someday.

The Jewelry Maker & the Kids … getting some pizza!

Being engaged is important.  

March is a difficult month for me.  I lost my grandmother & my father a year ago.  My grandmother was a special woman, & her death affected me in ways I couldn’t have foreseen …

One of the things Grandma passed on to her daughter, her granddaughters & her great granddaughters – is her sense of strength & independence.

I wanted to make things.  I love unique jewelry … and creating things with my own two hands gives me a sense of peace and accomplishment.

Over several months – I learned how to work with wire & beads, & before I knew it I had a plethora of earrings.  A friend of mine was heading up a craft fair for the preschool which she is the director of & invited me to sell my wares there.

The jewelry that I handcraft is jewelry that I would wear myself – & it gives me a sense of joy when I see someone wearing my pieces.  I hope that they feel the same joy wearing them. 

Each handcrafted piece, whether they are earrings, bracelets or necklaces … are shipped in a jar.  Many of the jars are recycled, ornate in someway, and can be used in a number of ways: to store or display your earrings/jewelry, regift the jar, use for a candle, etc …


Autism Awareness

Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure! Check out the website, sign up for the semi-monthly newsletter … & we’re also on Instagram & Facebook  …. share with your friends & family!



“Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr


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We’re Making a Difference ….

And … the packages have been delivered!


I mentioned a little while back, thinking about different ways Jewelry in a Jar can give back to our community.

We are still a wee-bit little company, but our heart is 10 times bigger!

Creek Madness is in the planning phase at Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for the Digital Sciences …(my oldest daughter’s  school).

What is Creek Madness you ask?! …..

Creek Madness is their annual festival to promote anti-bullying and a fun evening for students and their families. There are raffles, contests, games, prizes, and RCMMS’s famous Staff vs. Students basketball game! 

Our PTA sent out a request asking business owners for donations for the raffles and contest prizes at Creek Madness.  What an awesome way to help support our public school & get Jewelry in a Jar out – into the community!

Two bracelet & earring sets, along with a pair of silver tree-stamped earrings have been donated to RCMMS for their Creek Madness raffle & prizes.

Our family has had an incredible experience with our public schools, the administration & of course, excellent teachers!   Being able to volunteer in the schools, helping out in the classrooms, being a mentor & tutor for our students … and assisting our schools in many other ways warms my heart!  I give because I am able.

Our community, our village – we have to support each other, in order to make a positive impact in our community & in our schools!

Creek Madness Donations!


Silver Tree Earrings
Wrap Bracelet & Earring Set
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In the beginning …

It’s hard to believe that I began this journey seven months ago!  Like many things, Jewelry in a Jar was an idea that started out small: an interest in learning how to handcraft my own jewelry … 

This idea developed into an adventure that I have enjoyed putting my time & energy into; I have been able to share this experience with family & friends, and have encountered immense support.

I have also found myself meeting people with similar interests.

I have  found community on social media, as well as locally.

At my daughter’s school I complimented a woman I was sitting with, on her coat.  As it turns out she has been creating her own jewelry for several years & was happy to share ideas & classes that her friends teach in this area.  

Smile at that person you are sitting next to at the coffee shop; share a compliment; make a new acquaintance.  Many people are open to connecting and sharing a moment.  

I talk often with friends about our VILLAGE:

  • the village we have with our incredible public schools
  • our neighborhood village – watching out for our kids & each other

… and now I’ve come upon another village: 

A community of people supporting each other in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Jewelry in a Jar adventure started seven months ago, & it is only getting better!

*every accomplishment starts with the decision to try*


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Word of the day: Pulchritudinous

All right!  Over the last few days I’ve been working with copper wire … several new earrings are ready to be up loaded to the shop!  If you haven’t already, you can also keep up with our adventures on Facebook Twitter & Instagram.

We still have several projects in the works.  Currently we are brainstorming ways in which our shop can positively impact our community.  As we brainstorm different ideas, I am handcrafting unique pieces for this intention – so don’t leave the party just yet … we’ve some pulchritudinous pieces on the horizon! 😉

Cheers –


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An Avant-Garde Adventure!

We have new works of art on the website!  

Benevolence in RED
There is no doubt that the world around us affects what we do & how we view things.  While posting new pieces to the website (shop), I found myself looking at the latest earrings I was putting up & began reflecting on the state of our world –  (I know … brace yourself for an erudite commentary…)
Going through & naming the last four pieces, I began reflecting on unity, harmony, that which is just bigger than all of us … and from that – the four earrings were named:
  • Benevolence in RED
  • Cosmos
  • Whimsy
  • & … Benevolence in RED 2x’s

Jewelry in a Jar is my creative outlet.  Working with my hands, getting lost in the shaping of the wire & working with beads & various mediums … I want to impact others’ lives & ultimately make a difference;  even if that difference is helping to make someone feel beautiful and inspired.  

This I know, is just the start.

In the weeks to come I will be creating & uploading new pieces (earrings, wrap bracelets & necklaces).  A certain section of which, proceeds will be donated to a cause that will follow along with the names of the pieces listed above.  

It is easy to sit at a workbench, and in front of a computer and say, “let’s come together & make a difference!”  … so how about I put this challenge out there:  in the coming weeks Jewelry in a Jar will create & support a cause that helps create harmony & benevolence between our planet & all people.  And I encourage you, to lend a hand to your neighbor.  Sometimes, the person next to you can simply use a smile or a compliment.  
This adventure is becoming avant-garde! 🙂  Thanks again for joining us on this awesome ride!

Take a moment and let us know what you think of the website.  And if you’ve had the opportunity to purchase a piece from Jewelry in a Jar from one of the craft fairs we’ve attended, let us know what you think!

Our differences are what help make this place we call home, AMAZING.