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Making a Difference: One Pendant & One Pair of Earrings at a Time

There are those moments when you want to give back, but time is working against you – or money is tight – or there are so many charities/ people/ communities that need support … it can be overwhelming as to where to give your time, energy, or monetary support.

Jewelry in a Jar has a donation ready for the impactful group 100 Women Who Give a Hoot. An eclectic 18″ Bird-Nest Pendant Necklace & matching Tear-Drop Earrings are going to be raffled off with a Rodan+Fields package from my good friend Jackie


I recently joined the group 100 Women Who Give a Hoot  and I am looking forward to attending the first meeting in September!

Jewelry in a Jar isn’t just another jewelry business.

Creating one of a kind jewelry, I give back; Giving back not only to my community through fundraisers & charities, or by using recycled products whenever I can … but by creating jewelry with meaning.

A piece of jewelry … really ANYTHING for the matter – can contain personal meaning for someone.  The jewelry that I am making, I make with a special thought or person in mind.  When the piece is purchased and is worn, it then represents something new!  In that respect, each piece is always evolving & taking on new meaning.

The joy that I feel when creating a piece of jewelry is something that I hope is felt by each of you who wears it.

Now … back to the design & creating table.  I’ve got pendants to make!




For more information on the group:  100 Women Who Give a Hoot visit their website.  There are chapters worldwide! & the thing that interested me the most about this group, is that each chapter gives back to their community.  

Check out Rodan+Fields to find out more about their products & if you place an order use Jackie Avallone  as your R+F consultant – she isn’t just my friend, but also my RF consultant! 😉

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