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Simple Ways to Display & Organize Your Jewelry

You have many pieces of jewelry ….

Your everyday jewelry, your fancy-night-out jewelry, your chic/funky casual wear jewelry

Now the question is: how do you display/store your jewelry?

For me, the fine jewelry that I have, I wear on “special occasions”.  So those pieces usually reside in their velvet jewelry boxes tucked away until a “special occasion” arises.  

My funky-chic-everyday/casual jewelry I display on my bathroom counter & on my bathroom wall.

Using the metal jewelry tree that was gifted to me several years ago, I hang my earrings, rings & bracelets.  It has a little tray at the base that is convenient for leather wrap bracelets, stud earrings & backs, as well as those earrings that are missing their match.

For my necklaces, I purchased a three-piece silver towel wall hanger.  This works great for the long necklaces that I have.


I have always loved the idea of using a branch, or an antique looking jar with several branches to hang bracelets & necklaces.  Placing a cute dish underneath the jar wold provide a place for those pieces you don’t want to hang.

DIY Jewelry Tree: 1 of 10 Inspiring DIY Jewelry Displays at Don't you love it when organization can simultaneously inspire?
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These are a few of my favorite ideas:

Perusing the internet, you can find a plethora of sites for DIY jewelry displays and most of these can be made at home with very few materials.

Check out the sites below for some more creative funky-fresh ideas! 

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Cheers! & Happy organizing!

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