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Danke, Gracias, Arigato …

So, Mother’s Day was this past Sunday. Phone calls were made, Happy Mom Day texts sent, and 2 out of 3 kids woke me with breakfast in bed @ 7am (the child that was MIA was still sleeping).

The rest of the day I lounged around the house, read outside on the patio while soaking up some sun.

We then ended the day with an incredible home cooked meal (compliments of my husband) & hung out with friends – a few other mothers, & the fathers, & all of our the kids.

This was my Mother’s Day. 🙂

These days come in all shapes & sizes.

What is done for one mom, is done differently for another.  How one family celebrates, is different from the next.

EVERYDAY we can show the people that are important to us, just how special they are.  

With that said:


Thank you for supporting my Shop: Jewelry in a Jar.  

I have seen a couple of the gifts purchased – being worn!  & many of you have shared how happy you are with your purchase! The joy my pieces have brought you & others you’ve shared them with – multiply that by 100 – because that is my take-away. 🙂

Keep the feedback coming & share pictures on our Facebook page!





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