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Finding Balance In Our Everyday Lives (… is it possible?)

Balance.  We hear about it & read about it : balancing work, family & our personal lives.  But what does this mean: work/life balance?

The last two weeks for me, have been a whirlwind:

  • The kids were on spring break & we went on a 3 day camping trip with family & friends 
  • We came home to the Easter holiday 
  • Then onto my son’s 5th grade over night field trip (which I chaperoned)
  • The next day I was picking my daughter up from school, I was asked if I could volunteer at the track meet b/c they were short judges & volunteers – so I did (helping with the schools is something I feel strongly about).
  • A day later we’re onto chaperoning the 3rd grade field trip to the Durham Museum of Life & Science …. 
  • FINALLY: The Weekend w/ NO plans! 

Friday night, I sat in front of my computer trying to get a little bit of work in (I felt like I was MIA the week before).

As I perused the web, I found myself looking up, “work/life balance” (Perhaps that was because I was feeling a bit – unbalanced – trying to find time for my business, myself, my husband, the kids & the house … ).

Everyone is balancing life, work, & family.  We may be juggling different things/situations, but we often share the same feelings: overwhelmed, tired, off-balance – as if we’re giving more of ourselves to one thing over another.

I came across this description of what work/life balance is not:

  • equal time work & equal time personal/family

Many times I have tried to make my life look like an equilateral triangle.


Life is fluid.

Balance varies for everyone depending on where you are in life & it varies on a daily basis as well.

“An effective work/life balance includes daily achievements & enjoyment”.

Achievement is self explanatory – enjoyment is not always easy for us to understand.

Finding enjoyment  simply means: identifying something you can take pride in, find happiness, a sense of wellness or love … these = the “joys of living”.

Humans need both  achievement & enjoyment  to get the full value out of life.

This is not easy to do everyday. For myself, I must slow down & purposefully look for these some days; they are there. 

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