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Share a smile & a kind word

Hopefully everyone has had at least ONE ‘feel good’ moment …where out-of-the-blue someone says, or does something for you that puts a smile on your face and leaves you with a warm-fuzzy feeling inside (if not warm & fuzzy, at least leaves you standing a little taller and a little bit happier) 

This afternoon I stood a little taller & little happier!

While swinging by the craft store to pick up more beads for the BIRD NEST PENDANTS (they will be up in the shop this week!) … the person checking me out complimented me on the earrings I was wearing!

& guess what?! … I was wearing Jewelry in a Jar’s STUDS & BEADS. 

She also asked me for my card!

(btw: she organizes the business cards she collects in an awesome/organized fashion … I’ll tell you about that in another post, right now I digress …)

… and with a twinkle in my eye, and a new found spring in my step – I handed her my card.

From one crafter to another.

I appreciated this woman’s kindness today.

Thank you.

It’s so easy to make a difference in someone’s day … pass it along 🙂





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