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Spring Is In The Air …


Tweet tweet!!  The Bird Nests are being “built”… 

So excited to tell you all the awesome things that are happening!

As some of you have seen from Jewelry in a Jar’s Facebook posts, we have new pieces coming out – & I AM SO EXCITED!!

I have been creating Bird Nest Pendants, and Stud Earrings!

There have been several requests for the Bird Nest Pendants for Mother’s Day.  I am delighted to tell you that they will be up in the shop next week!!  The day that they come out we’ll let you know – so make sure you catch Jewelry in a Jar on Facebook, or Instagram for the latest updates!


I count myself among the many that enjoy a smaller earring (- depending on the outfit of the day 😉 …. and we have Stud Earrings up in the shop now.  Wooden beads & silver wire.  The earrings have small plastic backs.  So cute & versatile.

As you may already know, I am active in my kids’ schools …

The middle school (Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for the Digital Sciences) is hosting its Creek Madness next week & I am so happy that Jewelry in a Jar was able to donate a bracelet & earrings set, & a pair of earrings for the raffle that will be held.  I can’t wait to see the pieces on the lucky person that wins them!



I always feel like I am on the run … coming up next: Balance.  What is it, & how to we stay on this balance-beam called life – & not fall off & bust our lip. 😀  … or something like that 😉

In the meantime, stay healthy & happy & enjoy the adventure!





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