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We’re Making a Difference ….

And … the packages have been delivered!


I mentioned a little while back, thinking about different ways Jewelry in a Jar can give back to our community.

We are still a wee-bit little company, but our heart is 10 times bigger!

Creek Madness is in the planning phase at Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for the Digital Sciences …(my oldest daughter’s  school).

What is Creek Madness you ask?! …..

Creek Madness is their annual festival to promote anti-bullying and a fun evening for students and their families. There are raffles, contests, games, prizes, and RCMMS’s famous Staff vs. Students basketball game! 

Our PTA sent out a request asking business owners for donations for the raffles and contest prizes at Creek Madness.  What an awesome way to help support our public school & get Jewelry in a Jar out – into the community!

Two bracelet & earring sets, along with a pair of silver tree-stamped earrings have been donated to RCMMS for their Creek Madness raffle & prizes.

Our family has had an incredible experience with our public schools, the administration & of course, excellent teachers!   Being able to volunteer in the schools, helping out in the classrooms, being a mentor & tutor for our students … and assisting our schools in many other ways warms my heart!  I give because I am able.

Our community, our village – we have to support each other, in order to make a positive impact in our community & in our schools!

Creek Madness Donations!


Silver Tree Earrings
Wrap Bracelet & Earring Set
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