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In the beginning …

It’s hard to believe that I began this journey seven months ago!  Like many things, Jewelry in a Jar was an idea that started out small: an interest in learning how to handcraft my own jewelry … 

This idea developed into an adventure that I have enjoyed putting my time & energy into; I have been able to share this experience with family & friends, and have encountered immense support.

I have also found myself meeting people with similar interests.

I have  found community on social media, as well as locally.

At my daughter’s school I complimented a woman I was sitting with, on her coat.  As it turns out she has been creating her own jewelry for several years & was happy to share ideas & classes that her friends teach in this area.  

Smile at that person you are sitting next to at the coffee shop; share a compliment; make a new acquaintance.  Many people are open to connecting and sharing a moment.  

I talk often with friends about our VILLAGE:

  • the village we have with our incredible public schools
  • our neighborhood village – watching out for our kids & each other

… and now I’ve come upon another village: 

A community of people supporting each other in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our Jewelry in a Jar adventure started seven months ago, & it is only getting better!

*every accomplishment starts with the decision to try*


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