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An Avant-Garde Adventure!

We have new works of art on the website!  

Benevolence in RED
There is no doubt that the world around us affects what we do & how we view things.  While posting new pieces to the website (shop), I found myself looking at the latest earrings I was putting up & began reflecting on the state of our world –  (I know … brace yourself for an erudite commentary…)
Going through & naming the last four pieces, I began reflecting on unity, harmony, that which is just bigger than all of us … and from that – the four earrings were named:
  • Benevolence in RED
  • Cosmos
  • Whimsy
  • & … Benevolence in RED 2x’s

Jewelry in a Jar is my creative outlet.  Working with my hands, getting lost in the shaping of the wire & working with beads & various mediums … I want to impact others’ lives & ultimately make a difference;  even if that difference is helping to make someone feel beautiful and inspired.  

This I know, is just the start.

In the weeks to come I will be creating & uploading new pieces (earrings, wrap bracelets & necklaces).  A certain section of which, proceeds will be donated to a cause that will follow along with the names of the pieces listed above.  

It is easy to sit at a workbench, and in front of a computer and say, “let’s come together & make a difference!”  … so how about I put this challenge out there:  in the coming weeks Jewelry in a Jar will create & support a cause that helps create harmony & benevolence between our planet & all people.  And I encourage you, to lend a hand to your neighbor.  Sometimes, the person next to you can simply use a smile or a compliment.  
This adventure is becoming avant-garde! 🙂  Thanks again for joining us on this awesome ride!

Take a moment and let us know what you think of the website.  And if you’ve had the opportunity to purchase a piece from Jewelry in a Jar from one of the craft fairs we’ve attended, let us know what you think!

Our differences are what help make this place we call home, AMAZING.




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